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Currently Athletics WA has two recognised forms of State Records detailed in the Athletics WA Handbook:

1. State records which only registered Athletics WA athletes may claim at any sanctioned competition (in the world) – but must be registered as an athlete with AWA.

2. All Comers’ records - any athlete who competes at any sanctioned Athletics WA competition in WA is eligible.

With the change in registration process by Athletics WA, visiting athletes must now be registered with Athletics WA before competing in local competitions. Consequently, they would be able then to claim a State record albeit they might only be in WA for one week. Prior to the change in registration process they would only be eligible for an All Comers’ record.

 To address this anomaly and to maintain the historic intent and integrity of the division between records, a 6 months permanent residential provision will now apply to all State records.

Athletics WA Records

Australian Records

IAAF World Records

recognising records

If a record is broken during competition, it is the responsibility of the competitor concerned to obtain a record form from the TIC desk. The relevant information and signatures must be obtained immediately and the form then handed to the registrar/ Athletics WA office within 14 days. If the above procedure is not followed then the performance may not be recognised as a record. 

The athlete's birth certificate must be produced within 7 days of claiming an age record if not previously registered with Athletics WA.

Implements used in Record:

The Referee (official) of the event is to impound after the end of the event and hand to the Technical Manager or Chief Judge the implements and measuring equipment used, after which a certificate will be forwarded to the Records Officer to certify correctness. 

Underage Records/Championship events:

For the purpose of underage records and championship meets, athletes ages are calculated according to calendar year. (i.e.. in 2016 if you turn 13 before December 31 2016 you will compete in U14. In 2017, if you are 14 before December 31 2017, you will be an U15 athlete.)

Athletes wishing to attempt a Track Record must advise the Track Referee so the correct number of watches are used as a back up for the electronic timing. 

Unless the required number of qualified officials are on site it is not possible for records to be allowed. 

Records for events of 400m or less shall only be granted if electronically timed. Hand times are acceptable for 800m or longer. 

Performances in solo or mixed (gender&/or age) events are valid for WA State records. 

Record Claim Forms: