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Welcome Athletes!

Registrations for the 2018-19 season is now open. Join or renew your membership here.  Get in quick as the first 100 registrations will receive a free copy of the Australian Athlete magazine ( 

We welcome athletes of almost all ages. We do have a minimum age  -  Athletes must be 12 years of age, or subject to an exemption, and a registered member of Athletics WA before being able to compete in the 2018 – 2019 season. Athletes under 12 years of age may be interested in joining a Little Athletics WA centre, a great way to start athletics. There is no maximum age limit and in addition to Athletics WA competitions, the Masters WA Club providing additional competition opportunities for athletes over the age of 30.

To participate in Athletics WA competitions you must be a registered member of an Athletics WA affiliated 'senior' club or directly registered with Athletics WA as an independent athlete. Athletes who wish to join a club can find further information in the Clubs Directory. The independent option may be useful for those looking to only compete once or twice during a season, or for those not looking for the support of a club.

This season there are two options for Athletics WA independent membership - regular competitor or casual competitor.

The regular competitor membership ($50) entitles the athlete to compete in all 2018-19 Athletics WA Track & Field Season competitions and the 2019 Winter Season (entry fee of $25 for independent members will be payable when entering your events each week)

The casual competitor membership ($25) entitles the athlete to compete in up to 3 competitions in the Athletics WA Track & Field Season, plus State Championships (entry fee of $25 for independent members will be payable when entering your events each week). Athletes can upgrade their membership to a regular competitor should they wish to compete in more than 3 competitions by contacting Athletics WA.

Please note athletes registered with a Little Athletics club are not automatically members of Athletics WA. Little Athletics athletes can register directly with Athletics WA (select Independent AWA membership or join a 'senior' club). Similarly, Wheelchair Sports athletes should do the same.

If you have previously been a member of Athletics WA or an affiliated club, you will be able to login to update personal details and renew your membership. If you have any issues logging into the membership portal, simply reset your password or contact the Athletics WA office for further assistance.

Existing members who wish to change their club affiliation will need to contact the club they wish to transfer to arrange the transfer prior to renewing membership. 


Clubs are a great part of Athletics. It is a great way to meet new people, new training partners, and new friends and create a team environment in what can be a lonely and individual pursuit. There are some great clubs in WA that you can be a part of!