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Athletes  >  Go For 2 & 5 CaLD Program
Go for 2 & 5 Culturally and Linguistically Disadvantaged (CaLD) Program

Athletics WA is the Member Association of Athletics Australia with a mission to lead an integrated, growing sport of athletics in Western Australia. Healthway have partnered with Athletics WA for many years in the delivery and promotion of a range  of athletic activities in regional WA, promoting the Go for 2&5 health message. Athletics is an activity that provides children with a foundation base to participate in a number of sports, as a result athletics provides the opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle to a broad and diverse population throughout Western Australia.

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Athletics WA’s Go for 2 & 5 Culturally and Linguistically Disadvantaged (CaLD) program provides athletics opportunity for children from various cultural and economic backgrounds and the CaLD squad continues to expand throughout metropolitan Perth. 


A major feature of this squad is the philosophy that all athletes must be prepared to coach if they wish to remain in the program. This creates a strong connection between the squad and often breaks down the cultural barriers between individual members.The program focuses on Balga Senior High School, Edmund Rice Centre and Butler College where the target demographic includes a large proportion of refugees and new immigrants. 

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