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Life Members

The following individuals have been recognised for their significant contributions to athletics in Western Australia and are Life Members of Athletics WA:

Peter Bacich

Jackie Halberg

Pamela O’Connell

Syd Bickle

Valerie Hancock *

Bernie O’Sullivan

W H Bourne

Thomas Hantke *

Chilla Porter

Fiona Brown

Joan Harris

Harry Poole

Gwen Bull *

Robert Harris *

Valerie Prescott

David Carr

Arthur Hindle *

Don Rapley *

Patricia Carr

E V (Dick) Horsley

Jeanette Robertson

Jacquie Cattermole

Ross Holland

Wendy Ryan

Rick Cattermole

Kevan Hook *

Margaret Saunders

Robert Chalmers

Fred Humphreys MBE*

George Skeels *

Gwen Chester

Beris Johnson

Noel Bruce Stanton

Mrs E. Clay

Terry Jones

Fred Stewart

William Collier *

Don Keane

Anne Stingemore

Martin Crowe

Doug Lambert

Stephen Stingemore OAM

Frank Day OAM *

Andy W Lang

Russell Stranger

Shirley de la Hunty MBE*

Persephone Lazarakis

June Streeter

Lee Derby

Jim MaCaulay BEM*

James Taylor

Margaret Devine

Jas. D McDonald *

George Tempest *

Tol Downing*

Anne Masters

Mavis Tempest

Jacqui Dufall *

Ray Mawson*

F A Treacey*

Yvonne Flavel

Beverly McCagh

Frank (Theo) Treacey *

Brian Foley *

Ellen McKenzie *

Marcus F Synnot*

Lyn Foreman

Steven McMahon

W W (Waldo) Turner*

Geoff Garnett OAM

Mrs P McWhillie *

F C Tyrie *

John Gilmour OAM *

Sir Thomas Meagher *

Mr Ossie Waddell*

Lindsay Glass

Steve Mladenis

Bruce Wilson

Kate Glass

Frederick Napier OAM*

Fran Wilson

Mr L P Gray

Ed Niemanis *


Jean Gullan

Mr E G North*